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Christmas for At-Risk Youth

Help provide the basic necessities they need for success.

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$3,000 goal

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Helping Their Future Helps Yours

Showcase Group provides support to at-risk youth and their families by implementing psychosocial services, such as case management and therapy by trained professionals. Our social and emotional training programs also support this population in making better choices as a result of gaining a higher level of diverse, culturally relevant social-emotional intelligence (SEL) methods for young adult healthy living.

Imagine the kid(s) in your life not having their basic needs such as clean underwear, toiletries, clean clothing, school supplies, etc. How would they feel about themself? What do you think people would say about them?

Christmas is coming up and we want to provide 20 Youth with SWAG Bags filled up with their basic needs and a gift.

When Youth in the detention centers are released and regain their freedom, more often than not, they come out with the clothes they came in with, and minimal support.

Some do not have family support or resources, but you can be that support they wouldn't otherwise receive from anyone else.

Their Christmas may not be the BEST but help us make it the BEST that we can.

Thank You.

-Showcase Group